Friday, January 16, 2015

Thursday January 15, 2014-Moving Day-Center RV Park to Gateway to the Gulf RV Park, Victoria TX

We have both come down with a bug of some sort, with heavy coughing and our noses being stopped up. Once we got up and started to work, we began to feel a bit better and we were away about 9:30. Traffic was light and we made good time through Center and Nacogdoches and we were heading south on Hwy. 59. The first pit stop was at one of the new TXDOT rest stops. I guess the state is really going through with making US 59 into I-69, the NAFTA highway. Rest stops are limited to interstate highways and the new signs are up along the roads. I thought that the NAFTA project was dropped years ago...

We made our second and final stop at the Buccee's in Wharton. Gotta get my Buccee's fix! I capped a few Munzees while we were stopped and even made enough points to go up another level. It was a great way for me to shake out all the driving kinks and get some fresh air. Both Stella and I had been getting warm in the truck because we had bundled up when leaving Center, where the temps were in the upper 30's. When I got out, my sweater felt pretty good and even better when I got out in the wind. Apparently, this morning we're going to have the same issue. It's 37 degrees as I am writing this and it's supposed to be in the 60's in Mission. I certainly hope so, I'm tired of winter.

So long.

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mike tinklin said...

jay you haven't come close to experiencing winter yet ;-)