Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday January 10, 2015-Inks Lake State Park

We had been planning to leave yesterday for Mission in the Rio Grande Valley but when I went out about 7:30 to start packing up, it began to sleet. I knew it was very cold and that rain/ice pellets had been forecast but really didn't expect it until this afternoon. I came back inside and told Stella what was going on and she immediately cancelled today's trip. I can't say I disagreed especially when we had at least two more sessions of freezing rain fall during the morning. There was no accumulation of ice here and the temperature hovered in the 30's all day.

We didn't get out much all day. Stella took the dogs outside but they didn't dilly-dally and came right back inside. I went out in the afternoon and talked to John for a little while. He said that there was no reason for me to come out to help feed the deer in the morning but I may still go out in the morning. 

John also came over to the house later to ask Stella if she wanted to go for a boat ride with him but for some reason, she declined "LOL". John has his pontoon boat up here and it is anchored behind our spaces in the lake. 

We did hear from our friends Dave and Nancy who are on their way to Mission. We invited them to come up here but they already had reservations made at another park near San Antonio so we'll see them down in the valley on Monday.

Now it is Saturday morning and it's raining and 32 degrees. We have no plans to get out today. It seems like a good day to stay inside in sweats listening to the rain. Occasionally I hear the tap-tap of sleet  in the rain, making me glad for our decision. We'll sit tight and on Monday, when everything is thawed out and dried somewhat, we'll be on the road again.

So long.

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