Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday January 8, 2015-Inks Lake State Park

I am just finished with the third deer hunt that I guided for here at Inks Lake. It is very cold again and I took some time this morning to take some photos of some of the attractions in the area.

This is Falkenstein Castle, which is approximately miles from Inks Lake. It is a privately owned residence that is available to rent for weddings and receptions. 

This is one of the buildings on the Longhorn Cavern state park grounds. 

Another of the outbuildings at Longhorn Caverns. 

An oddly shaped tree at Longhorn Caverns. I just thought it was cool looking. 

An ice patch on one of the campsites, down the street from our site. Every time there is a hard freeze, they turn on the water to keep the pipes from bursting.

I'll bet these tent campers were chilly last night. They have a very nice site with a great view of the lake but with that wind last night, well, lets just say they're tougher than me.

This is a group photo of the youth hunters with some of the deer that they took. 

We (I) had another good time here and we are looking forward to returning next fall. Stella enjoyed her time to relax. We move south tomorrow to the (hopefully) warmer Rio Grande Valley.

So long.

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