Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday January 27, 2015-Cottonwood RV Park

The weather has been great down here and has improved (warmed up) every day since we've been here. Today's high was 82. All I've seen on television have been the blizzard predictions for the north east. I am worried for our friends there, but come to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. 

Soon after arriving, the group of us (Dave and Nancy, Corbin and Flora & Larry and Mary Ann) went to Mexico to get started on our dental needs. Stella and I just made appointments but others actually getting work done. We had a very nice day and ate at Elsa's, a very nice little cafe.

Stella and I returned a few days later with Ted and Donna to buy our medicines and to do a little shopping. While we were gone, Larry and Corbin washed all the trailers. I had the only wash bucket and long-handled brush, so they used my equipment and washed all the rigs. What a nice surprise!

Yesterday, Monday, we picked up our friends Mike and Linda to take them to eat a Gonzales Burger, but unknown to us, they were closed on Sunday and Mondays. We decided to go to Martha's and about the time we arrived, I got a call from Dan and Karen, who had just arrived yesterday from Aransas Pass. Stella and I saw them yesterday while we were putting out fliers for the dealer open house but we didn't hook up. They decided to meet us here, so we had chips and salsa while we waited for them. When they arrived, we started interacting with a new employee named Denny, who gave us a million laughs. We all had a great time cutting up with him.

Today was our appointments for our dental work. As we got into Progresso, I noticed a wet spot on the sidewalk where someone had apparently tried to clean the walkway. I slipped on the walk and went down, hitting my forehead on that hard concrete. It knocked me silly for a few seconds, but a group of men around the area helped me up and I sat in a chair until I could get around. After recovering, I find that I also sprained my right elbow when I tried to catch myself, but suffered no serious injuries.

We went on across the street to the dentist where I had x-rays taken and my teeth cleaned. I will have to return to have my actual work done and now we have a plan of action. Stella had her teeth cleaned and had a loose tooth removed, and it was serious enough to need stitches and she is on a liquid and soft food diet for a few days. We stopped on the way home and got her some ice cream, so now she is happy. 

So long.

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