Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday January 18, 2015-Cottonwood RV Park

Another warm night here in the valley! It was a little chilly at 57 degrees when I woke but I vowed to wear shorts until the temps go down into the 30's, so I toughed it out. 

We went over to another favorite, the Furr's Fresh Buffet in McAllen for their great breakfast buffet. As usual, the food was great and plentiful and we made it in before the crowds showed up. We left the restaurant and went to the Don-Wes Flea Mkt. in Donna. It gets it's name from being in Donna but near Weslaco and it has been here for many years. I noticed that the market seems to be a little smaller this year, but since we didn't come to the valley last year, the stores may have been closed then. I also noticed that some stores have for sale signs on them. Most of the owners are about age, so I guess it's just a normal transition of the business. younger people will buy the established businesses and life continues.

The parking lot is terrible at the flea market. Lots of mud, standing water and mud holes make for difficult parking and walking around. We went across the street to the fruit and vegetable stands and found even more empty booths. The fruit stands seem to be doing a good business and we bought some grapefruit to bring home.

We came on back home to get ready for some football. I would like to see Green Bay who knocked out the Cowboys, go to the Super Bowl and am rooting for the Patriots to join them. We'll see how it works out...

So long.

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