Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday February 28, 2016-Palms RV Park

This entry will cover both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was Stella's birthday and we celebrated it all weekend. Yep, she turned the big 7-0 which means that she is in another decade ahead of me! that's right, she is in her 70's and I am still in my 60's...

Saturday morning, I got up early and went to the donut shop and bought her a big selection of donuts, croissants, etc. which started her day out well. Jennifer had contacted me last week and asked what we had planned for today and we worked out a scheme that would take us to Sam's Barbecue in Fairfield with Kim and family for a surprise party, but Kim backed out of the deal so Stella and I made the long trip by ourselves. She was very suspicious of why we were driving all the way across the state, about 175 miles, for supper by ourselves, but she didn't say anything. I think she really knew what was going on, but was a good sport about it and went along.

The trip went well except that the Hardy Toll road was under construction and put us out in Spring, into the middle of an Old Town Spring celebration with lots and lots of traffic. It slowed us down a bit, but we made it through with no problems. There was a bigger problem on the other end of the trip when Jennifer and Melissa were delayed in arriving at Sam's because of a serious traffic accident and I had to come clean about the purpose of our drive. 

We had a very nice meal and visit with the kids and to hear about Ian's baseball stories. We never get to see the kids enough and it was good to spend some time with them. We stayed at our table for a couple of hours, and luckily the restaurant wasn't too crowded and we could visit. The trip home was good and we breezed right through Houston with no slowdown but it was still after 11 before we got home. 

Sunday we met Kim and her crew at Gringo's Mexican Restaurant in Texas City. It's always good to see the boys, but Ray's son Austin was visiting his mother this weekend so he didn't come. The food was good as usual, and we had some good conversations. It's a shame that we couldn't have all gotten together at Sam's but we made the best of it. 

I think that Stella enjoyed her birthday and hope that she was at least a bit surprised. At our age, we don't celebrate birthdays much anymore and I hope she enjoyed it.

So long.

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