Saturday, April 23, 2016

Friday April 22, 2016-Moving Day-Bay Colony RV PArk to Sunrise RV Park, Texarkana Arkansas

Stella went to the cardiologist yesterday and got a very good report there. She lost 23 pounds this week, but spent a lot of time in the bathroom. He told us that he'll see us in June when we get back from the rally trail.

We just couldn't get it in gear this morning and didn't pull out until 10, but it was a great day for traveling and we made good time through Houston, which was our biggest concern. No high water and light traffic made it a good day. We made our first pit stop around Cleveland TX at a small truck stop/convenience store. While stopped, I had a nice telephone chat with Jennifer and Melissa who are visiting the New England area, staying in Boston Mass. They are visiting Maine today and I guess they called because they are visiting some states that we haven't been to....yet. 

We pulled in here at the Sunrise RV Park about 4:30, and wow, what a change has been made with a change of ownership! When I walked into the park office, I noticed that almost all the RV accessories that are normally sold in the office were gone. The shelves are bare and I said something to the young lady clerk. She could only smile and giggle nervously but that was just the beginning. I had planned to use the park cable and not set out my Dish antenna to simplify things, but it didn't work. Stella called the office to ask about it but was told "he's working on it". It finally did come in somewhat better, but the CBS channel was terrible and that's the channel that I wanted to watch. Out of frustration, I set the antenna out and called in to Dish to change the local channels and had the usual hassle to get it done. It only took two calls this time but it was worth it. Gotta watch Blue Bloods!

The Internet service from the park was spotty and we both got kicked off repeatedly, so I set up our Verizon Jetpack as a backup. As I said, this park is going down in service but they have no website to complain about it. The previous owner used Facebook and has kept the site up, even though they no longer own the park and the new owner has done nothing to set one up. Oh well, there's always Trip Advisor or I'll pay those sites a visit soon.

Things are coming together well for the rally in Branson and we are looking forward to arriving there tomorrow.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Jay, we have started staying at JB's which is further east on I-30. Easy on off, long pull throughs, cash only, about $27.