Monday, April 4, 2016

Sunday Marh 3, 2016-Oak Creek RV Park

Well the North Texas chapter of the owners club rally is over. We had a great time, meeting several new people while here. The rally ran like clockwork and as far as I know, everyone was very happy. 

Thursday night we ate out at the River Bridge Cafe again. We have eaten here in the past and the food has always been excellent. We put a strain on the restaurant and waitstaff, but they worked through it and everyone was happy and full.

Friday morning was the Frank Baker breakfast and we all had a great time! Frank likes a big breakfast and have it he did. He furnished bacon and sausage (cooked) and we all furnished the rest of the dishes. As usual, it was delicious and a huge success.

Friday night the rally officially began with a Meet and Greet with Blue Bell ice cream and lots of fellowship with our old and new friends. It was nice to finally meet Mike and Vicky, whom I have spoken to several times in the past when he had problems with getting onto the Heartland forum. I met a couple named Mike and Kim that are living here at the park in their new Landmark 365. There were other "newbies" at the rally, Jack and Lynette and a delightful young couple named Jason and Audra and their 14 year old son Colton. More on them later...

Our friends Lin and Debbie bought a new Landmark Orlando right after the Louisiana rally and I got to tour it. It's the remake of our floor plan, the Grand Canyon. It has some differences but I like it. Anyone want to help me out? I'd sure look good in a brand new Landmark!

Saturday, Stella and I went into Weatherford to go to the First Monday flea markets, but there was too much of a walk, parking was terrible and too many people, so we just blew it off and came back home. Dave and I later went to a couple of gun shops and he bought a new rifle. I looked but couldn't find anything that I wanted.

We had our evening potluck dinner with the club supplying barbecue from a local restaurant. All of the food was delish and we had a great time. A group got a domino game going and I stayed around chatting with Jason and Audra. This was their first rally and we had something in common. They are from Garland, as are my daughters Jennifer and Melissa and they even graduated from high school the same years as my girls, but from different schools. They went to the Garland High school and Jennifer and Melissa went to South Garland. At any rate, we stayed and talked until 9:30 or so, telling tales and stories. Fun times...

Sunday was the sad day in that many of our new friends had to pull out to go home. I still got some good visiting time in with Jason and Audra and others but it was still sad to see them go.

I did some maintenance work on the trailer. I pulled the anode rod from the water heater, which had some wear but was still usable. I cleaned out a LOT of crud from the WH and got it all cleaned up and put back together and didn't even have any extra parts! 

We had a nice potluck dinner of leftovers from the Saturday night barbecue and it was still very good. It was a nice ending to the weekend with friends.

So long.

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