Sunday, April 24, 2016

Saturday April 23, 2016-Moving Day-Sunrise RV Park to Branson KOA, Branson MO

We were up on time this morning, getting ready to leave for Branson. We have about 300 miles to go today but were in no big hurry to start. I went for a walk around the park before starting my chores.

Our neighbor had his truck running when I came outside and the truck continued to idle the entire time I worked, probably for an hour including the time I went for a walk, and I didn't see him. He finally came out, jumped in the truck and took off. I don't know whether he remote-started the truck and then forgot about it, or if he had come out and started it, but he let it idle for a long time. It makes no difference to me, just something I noticed and thought was odd.

We pulled out about 9:30 and were soon on the highway, making good time. We had several stops for Stella's comfort today, but I was glad that her medicine was working. It was her medicine that allowed her to get a good report from the doctor and even get to come on this trip.

Our last stop was at a small convenience store outside of Harrison Arkansas. Nothing very interesting there, except that when I was browsing the food for sale in the store, the nice clerk told me that she would make me a burrito while I waited. Now this is a first, a helpful clerk that is willing to put food together for a hungry customer. Then when Stella was interested in a cheeseburger, she offered to doctor it up to Stella's liking. Wow, you won't find service like that in most convenience stores. Maybe she recognized that she could actually make a sale to two old people that had just come in to use the bathroom with just a little work on her own. Or maybe she was just a nice young woman, willing to help a customer. 

We arrived here at the KOA about 4 and were soon set up and relaxing. We were tired from traveling two days. I guess we're out of condition since we've been staying at one place for a longer time. We'll bounce back but it's nice to be here for a week. Looking forward to having our friends arrive soon.

So long.

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