Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday April 14, 2016-Bay Colony RV Park

We arrived here on Sunday to have Stella checked out by medical professionals. She has been experiencing shortness of breath and cannot walk 10 steps before having to stop and blow. Thanks to Kim, her appointment was moved up from Wednesday afternoon to first thing Monday morning, and we are glad she did! 

We went to see Dr. Merritt, out primary doctor, on Monday and everything went pretty well. She made some recommendations of some new medications  and she gave her some samples to take. She then made an appointment with the same cardiologist that I go to for tomorrow morning. Man, it pays to know people!

He examined her and had her to come back tomorrow for the testing. I won't bore you with the tests given and their details, but we came back today to learn the results. She has been given some strong diuretics and heart meds, and we were told to return next week to see how she is progressing. I hope all goes well, because we really need to go to the Branson rally, but her health must come first. 

Please pray for her. And thanks for your friendship.

So long.

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Tom & Judy's Adventures said...

We will be praying that everything turns out good. Tom and Judy