Monday, April 11, 2016

Saturday April 9, 2016-Moving Day-Cleveland County Fairgrounds Oklahoma to Bay Colony RV Park, Dickinson TX

We were up at 6:30 to go downstairs to have the continental breakfast at the motel. It was awful, but it filled us up and again, we vowed to not stay in a motel unless it is a last resort.

We went over and picked up the trailer with no issue, and were soon on our way south. We had worried ourselves sick, leaving our home sitting out in a parking lot but nothing bad happened and we were happy to be heading out.

We debated whether to drive straight through to Dickinson but that would have been close to 500 miles and way too far for us! We talked about staying at a small park near Madisonville called the Yellow Rose, but it is pretty deserted and right on the freeway, so noise would be a factor. Then we remembered that our friends Tommy and Susan were staying at Rayford, so we decided to bite the bullet and pay their high prices and surprise them. Stella called Susan while we were still in Oklahoma and found out that they had gone to their home in Deer Park to care for one of their dogs but would be back at Rayford later today. 

It worked perfectly! We pulled in about 4:30 and saw Tommy leaning against their Jeep, but by the time we pulled in (two spaces behind them), they had taken off to go eat. We got all set up and watched for them to return and walked down to surprise them. We had been in Oklahoma when they talked to us and now we were there! Perfect!!

We had a nice visit with them until I got sleepy from driving all day but they insisted on fixing a big breakfast for us. Tommy even went to the grocery store to buy more goodies! We stayed over there until 11AM but had to get on the road. 

We made a pretty easy drive to the Bay Colony RV Park in Dickinson. We got set up here and after relaxing for a couple of hours, called Kim and then had the fun of surprising her! Wow, two surprises in two days! It must be a record...

Kim was very concerned with her Mom's medical issues and later called Dr. Merritt to speed up her appointment from Wednesday afternoon to 8:00 tomorrow morning. I guess it does pay to "know people".

We went to see Dr. Merritt and things are better than we expected. What we thought might be a very serious issue turned out to be something that can be controlled with medication. She does want Stella to see a Cardiologist, and even called (herself) and made an appointment for tomorrow morning. Now I know it does pay to know people. We'll see what he says tomorrow, and I'll keep you informed. 

So long.

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TravelTiger said...

Good to hear from the doctor. Been worrying about her!