Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday April 7, 2016-Winstar Casino

As I predicted, we have not done much here at the casino this week. We did have a Rayford Crossing reunion of sorts. I went for a walk Monday afternoon soon after arriving and saw our friends Frank and Nancy, who used to stay at Rayford. I had a nice visit with them and we made plans to get together later. I had no idea that they were here but when I got home I had an email from Frank saying that they had left Houston and were heading for Montana for their summer. 

Frank and Nancy came by Tuesday afternoon while taking their walk and invited to go over to the casino for the free senior breakfast in the morning. We agreed to meet them at the shuttle bus pickup point about 8 to eat breakfast. Stella has been having some major mobility issues with walk, so in the morning, when it came time to go meet, she couldn't make the short walk, so I drove to the pickup point and drove back home and walked back up there. There will be more on this later. 

We had a nice breakfast with our friends and got all caught up with them. Most of our old friends that used to go to Rayford are dropping out. I had talked to another old Rayford friend, Mack, and had learned that he had told them he is quitting, along with three other couples. Wow!

While finishing breakfast, who should appear but Bob and Peggy, one of the couples that had recently given their notice to Rayford. They had just come in fr a couple of days stay here. While we finished eating, we had a nice chat with them and decided to come back in the afternoon to eat dinner. Frank and Nancy decided to come over to the casino to gamble, so dinner was just the four of us. We had a nice meal of burgers and again got caught up with these friends. 

We made plans to meet again in the morning for breakfast, but Frank and Nancy were leaving tomorrow and said they would be there to eat when they opened so they could get an early start but if we were there early enough we would see them then. Bob offered to come pick us up in the morning, so that was what we did. We had a good breakfast but missed seeing Frank and Nancy. They had gotten in early and were already on the road when we got to the buffet. We talked to them on the phone and wished them safe travels. Perhaps we'll run into them again. We're meeting Bob and Peggy for dinner again tonight. Not sure where we'll go but I'm sure it will be good.

I also met a couple that just bought a Landmark 365 Key Largo. The man's name was John, and he said that he had seen me at Kerrville last year at the Sweetheart Rally and had met Jim B. and had looked at his 365 there. They had liked it enough that they bought one of their own. Now if I could get Heartland to give me one, I could do the same thing...
They were gone this morning when I went back to see them again. Who knows, maybe I'll run into them again on the road.

So long.

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