Sunday, April 10, 2016

Friday April 8, 2016-Moving Day-Winstar Casino to Cleveland County Fairgrounds, Norman Oklahoma

We were up this morning to take a short 111 mile road trip to the Cleveland County Fairgrounds, where we were to meet John, an installer for Performance Trailer Braking, to have a set of disk brakes installed on the trailer. When we arrived, John and his son John went right to work.

Here we are, backed into a site in the parking lot behind the offices for the fairgrounds. Water and electric with no  sewer, but we're not planning to stay very long here. One night and out of here!

Goodbye to the old electric brakes. They will be discarded and probably taken to a metal recycler. They were in better condition than I figured with many mies on them. A couple of them showed signs of grease leaking inside the brake drum, which would have effected the performance of the brakes, but they did stop pretty well.

The new hydraulic pump and bracket for the new brake system. It was installed inside one of the propane storage compartments near the off-door side front of the trailer.

New wheel bearings are installed along with the new brakes. The bearings have been hand greased and installed, ready to be bolted on.

The new brake calipers with wheel bearings and caps installed. It won't be long now!

Here you see the new brackets that will attach the brake pads to the spindle.

Here they are, installed and ready to go. I didn't take a photo of John running and installing the new hydraulic lines. John and his son are much smaller (and younger) than me, so it was easy for them to get the work done.

A close-up view of the finished product. 

If you look close you can see the brakes installed behind the wheels and tires. Now to go skid my tires!

We decided to stay in a motel tonight because we didn't know how long the installation would take and thought that Stella and Tramp would be happier there instead of in a field at the fairgrounds. Big Mistake! The room was pretty nice, but our trailer is nicer. The television is smaller there and there were no chairs or recliners to watch from, nearer to the tv screen. The only viewing area was from the bed, and we didn't really want to lay down yet. I tried to watch "Blue Bloods" but went to sleep after 15 minutes of lying down. It is one of my favorite shows but I will catch it when they re-run it later. The bed was pretty hard, and we were really pretty miserable tonight. Most of all, Tramp didn't like it at all. He barked at every little sound, so when a loud group checked in, he had a fit! We won't make this mistake again, but keep in mind that we haven't slept anywhere but our trailer in a long time.

We are ready to go back to the Rocky Mountains, but it will have to wait until next year. We are booked for this year, with no mountains likely.

So long.

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