Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saturday May 14, 2016-Ozark RV Park

We decided to take a ride over the road that had been suggested by the GPS as the route between Clinton AR and here, Arkansas Hwy. 9. Our friend and Arkansas Chapter Leader, Billy, had cautioned us about taking this route but we wanted to drive it and check for ourselves. 

The first clue to tell us that this would not be a good road to travel while pulling a long trailer was a sign found just after leaving Mountain View, warning of a 17 mile stretch of "Crooked and Steep" roads, which we learned was exactly right! Then there were two more signs, with similar warnings before we got to Clinton. Billy and his wife Janice rode with us in our truck and Dave and Nancy drove theirs and I'm pretty sure that Nancy had some choice words about the road, as she doesn't like heights or winding roads. We got to Clinton and found the Western Sizzlin' Steakhouse and had a good meal. 

After eating, we returned home and Dave and Nancy went to check out a golf course in Clinton. Dave is a huge golf fan and loves to play. I've never seen him actually play golf but I have seen him strike the ball in practice and he is very, very good. 

We returned home for some rest and relaxation and after a while, noticed an ambulance and several vehicles with flashing lights entering the park. Nosey me, I went over to see what was going on and learned that a 17 year old young man had become dehydrated after playing outside all day and needed medical attention. Several volunteer firemen had responded to the ambulance call and they had him removed to a hospital in short order. Just a little excitement for the day.

I have been working slowly on my new camera and should have the new bells and whistles figured out soon and will publish some pictures with it as soon as I do.

So long.

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