Monday, May 2, 2016

Saturday April 30, 2016-Branson KOA

Well, the Region Rally is over and it was a great time if I do say so myself. As you know, we arrived last Saturday. We took a rest day on Sunday and hit the ground running on Monday. Actually, running is out of the question up here in the hills of Missouri, but you get the idea.

I didn't have time to take any photos but if you're on Facebook or the Heartland Owners Forum, Texas Bobcat took lots of pictures and they are there for your viewing pleasure!

We only ate out a couple of times on our own, at Shorty Small's Restaurant with our good friends Dave and Nancy and Jim and Nancy took us out - along with Dave and Nancy and Dave and Julie - to the Outback Steakhouse and Oyster Bar. Both places are very good and we all enjoyed both the company and the food. 

The big eating-out extravaganza was at the Lambert's Throwed Rolls in nearby Ozark MO. Over 50 of our Heartland friends made the drive over to eat with us. Thanks go to Kelly B. for handling the arrangements for this. I had my hands full with rally planning and she stepped up and took it over and it went off without any problems. With so many people in so many trucks, it was a logistical nightmare but she pulled it off. 

The rally itself went off without issue. We had a meet and greet on Thursday with snacky foods furnished by our guests and as usual, all the food was delicious. Larry and Gayle gathered lots of show tickets and we gave them out today so that the winners can take advantage while we are here. Friday evening we had a potluck dinner, which was wonderful, as usual.  Domino games were played every night after the meals and everyone loves to play games. Saturday morning we -along with several helpers- prepared a breakfast for all, and it was a big hit. The food came out very well and we thank all of our assistants in both cook and cleaning up afterwards. Saturday night was our big night, with a catered meal, with servers for the food, china plates and real silverware which is a treat for RV'ers, who often eat off paper plates with plastic ware. Then came the biggest hit of the rally, John Sager. He is a great singer and interacts with the crowd, flirting with the girls and making fun of the guys. It was a great time for all and everyone loved John. 

This was my largest rally that I have every hosted and I believe it was the best. I was heartened by the compliments and congratulations that we received, but it couldn't have happened without my team of helpers.

We are making plans for another Region Rally here but not until 2018. Stella and I will probably be recovered by then...

So long.

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Bsummit said...

Great rally Jay, see you soon.