Friday, May 13, 2016

Thursday May 12, 2016-Moving Day-Choctaw Casino KOA to Ozark RV Park, Mountain View Arkansas

We have been in Durant long enough to put up with very heavy rains and tornado warnings and it's time to move along. We have enjoyed our time here and will return again.

Stella bought me a new camera yesterday. My old one finally bit the dust and wouldn't turn on any more, so we went to Best Buy and bought me a new one. Now to read up on how to operate it...

We were up early this morning because we have a long drive to Mountain View AR. We planned to leave at 8:30 and actually pulled out at 8:35, not too bad, huh!

We made the long drive and only had to stop three times for Stella's convenience. Actually, two of the stops were planned, so only one stop for her. We pulled in here at the Ozark RV Park about 4 and it didn't take long to get set up. There are lots of trees around here and I had a bit of a problem with TV reception. I moved the antenna about five times and decided to change the location of the antenna. While walking from the back to the front of the trailer, I got my feet all tangled up and fell, planting my face in the plastic dome of the dish antenna. I hit so hard that I pushed the plastic in so far that it deformed to the point that the antenna wouldn't rotate to find the satellites, but I fixed it. All is well and I wasn't hurt very badly, only a bruised chest and some scrapes. At least I get perfect TV signals now!

So long.

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