Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday May 10, 2016-Choctaw Casino KOA RV Park

There were about 7 rigs that stayed over until Monday or later to leave. We woke to very heavy rains, but overnight had seen very high winds and lots of rain. Stella had stayed up but I slept right through it! She said that the winds felt as if they were moving the trailer and I learned from Mike and Peg that they had become so concerned about the winds that they pulled their slides in. 

My friends David and Susan had pulled out before 7, because that is when I got out of bed and they were gone. They are planning to go all the way home to New Iberia LA, or about 700 miles. I hope they stop somewhere and take another day to get home. I went out during a lull in the rain about 7:30 but didn't see any signs of anyone packing up, so I figured that they would either put off leaving or just simply stay for another day here, but about 11, Ed and Susan came over to say goodbye and I noticed that everyone but Mike and Peg was already gone. I wish them well in the weather!

It continued to rain all morning but cleared some in the afternoon. About 5:30 we saw a big storm coming our way with some ominous looking clouds and we turned on the TV to a local channel and heard a warning for Durant residents to seek shelter, then heard the tornado sirens go off, so we all went to the rally hall/laundry/office to see what would happen. We got a little rain and some small hail but the storm passed right by and didn't do anything. Lucky us! We heard later that 7 tornadoes touched down near us but we had nothing. That was all for the rest of the night.

This morning (Tuesday), Dave drove us into Denison so see the birthplace of President Dwight Eisenhower and a small museum on the grounds. There wasn't much to see here; the house was a rental that the family lived in at the time of DDE's birth, with none of the family furniture or keepsakes there. The museum was better, documenting his military career with posters, maps etc. It was much more interesting and I learned that his Presidential Museum and Library is in Abilene Kansas, so another trip is in store.

We had a delicious lunch at the Cheddar's Restaurant  in Sherman before doing some shopping at a nearby Kroger store. We later went to the Wal Mart in Durant for a last shopping spree.

After all the rain and bad weather yesterday, today was just downright hot. It's getting to be summer time!

So long.

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