Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday May 21, 2016-Ozark RV Park

We have been having a great time up here in the Arkansas mountains. We have been out to eat several times, been stood up by our entertainment at the rally and have seen some amazing free entertainment both here in the park and in town on the square. The music is the primary attraction of Mountain View Arkansas. We listened to music in the office of the RV park, done by the owner of the park and various other guests of the park that also played and sang.

We went to the pizza buffet at the Pizza Inn restaurant because we were all hungry for pizza and this was a good way to satisfy this hunger. We went to the Anglers White River Resort restaurant, which is rated as the best restaurant in town and we all agreed that it is indeed good, we haven't been to all the restaurants in town so we can't quite say it is the best. Dave, Mike and I tried to find a scenic overlook that was rated very highly but we took a couple of wrong turns and gave it up. We had a nice day for a drive out in the country, so it wasn't a busted trip. We took a lot of kidding and ridicule from our wives but we enjoyed ourselves. Our friends Roy and Sally knew where it was and took us to the overlook. I will share my photos as soon as I can download them. (remember that I recently bought a new camera and haven't figured out how to download from it yet)

When we went for the drive with Roy and Sally, we went to nearby Calico Rock, a tiny city in Arkansas. Legend says the town was named when an early explorer of the White River valley saw the beautiful limestone bluffs and called it "the Calico Rocks" because it resembled the calico fabric used to make women's dresses. While driving through, we decided to stop for  quick lunch at the Printing Press Cafe on Main St. where we had a delicious meal, enjoying the quaint buildings in town.

The club furnished breakfast on Saturday morning which was a lot of fun. Several rally attendees prepared some of the dishes while Chapter Leaders Billy and Janice fixed the biscuits and gravy, and everyone had a grand breakfast. After breakfast, we took a ride with David and Susan, following Dave and Nancy along with Sally, to a local strawberry farm where we picked up some very nice fresh-picked strawberries and some other items. This place doesn't miss a beat, selling fresh fruits, melons, veggies and various jams and jellies that are either grown on the farm or locally produced.

We were scheduled to have a local group of young people come to entertain us Saturday afternoon but somehow the signals got crossed and they didn't show up at the appointed time. We later went down to the town square to listen to several groups performing under a series of gazebos built by the city. In fact, one of the groups that we heard used the mayor of Mountain View as one of the performers. He played a pretty mean harmonica and was actually the best player in the group.

Then to top off our week of eating out, we found a gem of a Mexican restaurant right here in Mountain View and directly across the street from the street musicians. The restaurant, Mi Pueblita, had excellent Mexican food and great service. We will return here before continuing on our journey.
More to come.

So long.

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