Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday May 25, 2016-Ozark RV Park

Our friends, Doug and Judy came by to invite us to go to the Ozark Folk Center on Wednesday night to watch Doug square dance during the musical performances there. We picked up Dave and Nancy and drove over to the concert hall a bit early to get good seats. The Folk Center is right beside our RV Park and can be accessed through a gate, but it has been raining extensively, so the path is very muddy and uphill and we didn't feel like navigating it.

We enjoyed watching Doug and the other dancers as they did some square dancing and later did some other folk dances before and during the musical performances. It was a nice time, listening to the music and watching some amazing performers. The hall was pretty dark and flash photos were forbidden because it would interfere with the performers, so no pictures. Sorry.

Today Doug and Judy came by and picked us up to go eat at a place called Brookfalls Restaurant, just outside of Calico Rock AR. The food was very good and we were glad they had told us about this place. There was little signage on the building, but it is a hidden gem. Next time you're in the area, be sure to look it up and be prepared for a treat.

Doug took us back to Mountain View by a different route, through the countryside. I don't think there is a straight road in the mountains of Arkansas! Curves abound, and up and down the hills we went. It was a pretty drive and I was glad for Doug to be doing the driving so I could just look at the scenery. It was interesting to see many old log cabins and barns. a photographer could spend a lot of time up here taking pictures!

Doug took us by hhis house that he bought after he sold his Landmark. The house is very nice on about 4 acres, with a couple of outbuildings and a fenced-in garden in the back yard. A very nice place to settle down after they spent a few years living in the trailer. Maybe they'll reconsider and buy another trailer. Who knows what the future will bring.

So long.

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