Friday, April 14, 2017

Monday April 10, 2017-Moving Day-Houston North KOA to Center RV Park, Center Tx.

Our moving day was somewhat anti-climatic. We are so accustomed to folding everything up and packing to move that it's second nature to us. Now mind you, we still pay attention to what we are doing, but it's pretty routine work. 

We pulled out around 9:30 and decided to drive back through Conroe, traveling east on SH 105 to US-59 to get to Center. Stella did very well and we only made one pit stop at the only rest area north of Livingston. 

We like travel days like this one. We went less than 200 miles today, with much if it on highways, with good roads and clear skies. Non-eventful travel days are great. We pulled into the Center RV Park about 2:00 and were soon set up and getting TV signals.  We've been getting Houston locals for our last four stops and we still get them here in Center. TV is the best thing that we get here. The Internet service from the park has gone down over the years that we've been coming here but there are more residents now than before. There are ruts and holes in our yard which I reported since they are safety hazards but of course nothing has been done about it. I hope that neither Stella nor I have an accident by turning an ankle or breaking a bone due to lack of maintenance and concern by the park.

We're looking forward to some good family time this week and plan to move over to Tyler this weekend for Easter weekend. Unless something interesting happens, you may not hear from me again until we leave Tyler for Oklahoma.

So long.

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