Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday April 23, 2017-Water's Edge at Grand Town Lake RV Parkand Cabins

Well, another good rally is over. We've had a good time here in spite of the weather. It rained hard starting Thursday evening and continued to rain Friday when it slacked off to a drizzle. There was intermittent drizzle and showers on Saturday and on top of that, it turned cold! We had temps down in the upper 40's and highs in the lower 50's on Friday, warming into the low 60's on Saturday. Today (Sunday) the weather is about perfect but it's still cool in the shade when the wind blows.

We didn't get out during the rains but on Friday, Dave, Roy, Jason and I went over to Vinita OK to visit the Dixon & Sons Machine Shop and Guns. This was an interesting place that builds huge shop equipment and has a good selection of guns, ranging from Class 3 machine guns to regular weapons. Everything we saw was nice but rather high priced but the heavy machine guns were very cool. It's been a long time since I've seen 30 and 50 caliber belt-fed weapons on open display for sale. 

We returned home in time to rest up for a group trip back to Vinita to eat at Clanton's Cafe. This place's main claim to fame is that it was featured on the TV show Diners Drive-Inns and Dives but they did serve one of the best chicken fried steaks that I've ever had. 

Saturday I took Jason and Roy over to Claremore to visit the J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum. This is a large museum of guns and artifacts ranging from German beer steins to an assortment of western saddles and a huge collection of weapons. It seemed to have every caliber, gauge and barrel length of the modern sporting weapons and a huge collection of old style flintlocks, and other early weapons. The museum bills itself as the world's largest privately-held collection of firearms and I believe it! I noticed that the Tulsa Police Dept. had contributed many of the guns on display. I also thought it odd that both Mr. Davis and his wife are buried in the building, saying that he wanted to be with his guns when he died.

We returned to a craw fish boil for our rally supper. Again, there was plenty of food for us and we were joined by several folks that own Heartland trailers that they live in or use for weekend homes here in this park. We all had too much to eat but after supper they played a game of Cards Against Humanity. Everyone said that it was a lot of fun.

This morning, we said goodbye to some of our friends that had to leave today but the rest of us stayed behind and hung out at Jason and Audra's place, enjoying the nice weather. It was still chilly in the shade and we moved around from the sun to shade to stay comfortable. It was a nice time but soon Jason and Audra had to get on back home so they could go to work tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is another travel day to Arkansas and the chapter rally there. Please stay tuned.

So long.

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