Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wednesday April 6, 2017-North Houston KOA

The weather has been nice here in Montgomery Tx. and this morning it was downright cold, about 52 degrees! We have been taking advantage and just kicking back and relaxing. 

Yesterday we drove down to Rayford Crossing to see our friends Tommy and Susan. We had a nice visit with Tommy until Susan got off work, and then went out to eat. Their neighbors at the park, Steve and Mary Jane, went with us and we all had a good time chatting. Steve and Mary Jane are also full timers and they have a Tiffin motor coach like Tommy and Susan's. We ate at a place called Beto's Mexican Grill and the food was good but the company was better. We returned to Rayford and sat outside visiting with our friends until the skeeters came out. 

Today we met our friends from Inks Lake, Chip and Bunky at Tailgaters for a nice lunch. While eating lunch, some Heartland friends, John and Aletha came in to eat. Ironic seeing them, because they will be at the rally tomorrow. We had a fun time with them, catching up on Inks Lake and common friends from there. Chip is helping his son rebuild a storage building at his house that was damaged in a storm a year or so ago. It's a huge undertaking for them but I'm sure that they will get it done.

We came back here to the park and while standing outside with several friends, a friend of mine from high school drove up. Donna and her husband Sonny were just driving through and stopped by to say hi. How nice of them to come by. 

There are several new folks in the park and more arriving, so the rally begins tomorrow. 

So long.

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