Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Monday April 17, 2017-Moving Day-Tyler Oaks RV Park to Water's Edge RV Park and Cabins

Remember I told you about our plan to move from Center to Tyler? Well we did it with no problems/ It's only about 100 miles, so we made no stops and went right to the park. 

We went to church at the HUGE Green Acres Baptist Church and then went back to cousins Doug and Linda's house for a delicious Easter lunch. It was nice to sit around with family and visit.

Back to today's trip from Tyler to Vinita Oklahoma. I woke this morning about 5:30, came into the living room to read the news online and after a quick breakfast, went out to start getting ready to leave. We were on the road about 9:30, right on time!

Very little traffic on the road made traveling good. Most of this trip in Texas was on divided highways and we had no problems, except a couple of tricky roads through some of the small towns. We made it okay and got into Oklahoma about noon. 

We were soon on the Terrible Indian Nation Parkway bouncing along the highway. I had to drive most of the 40-some miles at about 50 mph to keep my teeth in my mouth. This s easily one of the worst roads that we've been on. Remember a long time ago when they sold those machines that jiggled your fat away? Well, a ride on this highway would knock 20 or so pounds!

Another thing I don't understand is their charges for the toll road. We paid a toll upon entering the highway and drove for about 40 miles before going through another toll booth. We paid another toll but only drove about a block before turning off to get on another road. I didn't get any value for the second toll, but I guess that old adage of "their road, their tolls" applies here.

This is a beautiful setting for a park, with all sites being back-ins but fronting on the Grand Lake o' the Cherokees. The park was originally built for motorhomes which have their utilities set up exactly opposite from what a fifth wheel needs. Although the hookups are in the same location on each type of vehicle, a motorhome drives into a site where a trailer is backed in. Anyway, the park furnished a 50 amp extension cord so we could get electricity. Water and sewer were a smaller problem so it wasn't long until we were all set up. 

The weather is nice here and we missed a huge storm a few days ago. One of the other residents showed me pictures of some trailers that were blown over in the storm, so I'm glad we missed it. It is cool enough here for us to go without air conditioning and we slept with the windows open. 

Our friends will start arriving tomorrow, so I'll let you got for now but check back for more fun at the Oklahoma rally.

So long.

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