Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday April 24, 2017-Moving Day-Water's Edge RV Park & Cabins toOzark RV Park & Cabins, Mountain View Arkansas

This is one of our favorites, both the town of Mountain View Arkansas and the park, the Ozark RV Park and Cabins. If you like good ol' country folks and their music, this is a great place to come.

We left Oklahoma about 9:30 this morning, right on time! Our traveling friends, Dave and Nancy are with us again and we are glad to have the company. The distance wasn't too bad, about 230 miles to our next destination, but it took all day. The roads were okay but there were many twists and turns and lot of little towns to go through and it slowed us down. Most of the roads were two lane with no shoulder, which is not our favorite, but we made it just the same.

We only made two quick stops, one for a Stella and Nancy stop for comfort and the second for a lunch break. Both stops only took less than 45 minutes, so we were good! 

We like these relatively short and uneventful trips. Since we've been here before, we pretty much knew where we were going, but we came in from a new direction, but it was pretty easy. 

We plan to hang out and do nothing this week, but the rally-goers will begin arriving next week and things will pick up. Please stay tuned.

So long.

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