Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunday April 2, 2017-Coushatta Casino RV Resort

Well the Louisiana is just about over and everyone seemed to have a great time. We ate at the casino a couple of times, once for the senior breakfast day on Tuesday and once again with Bill and Ornell. The group of us went to a local restaurant called Fausto's and enjoyed ourselves. 

Part of our group went down to Avery Island, home of Tabasco sauces. We have been there before and because Stella's knees were bothering her, we didn't go. They also went to the Mardi Gras Museum in Lake Charles. Everyone said it was fabulous but we didn't get to go, again because of Stella's bad knees. 

On Friday morning we had a great breakfast that was put together by one of the rally-goers and it was a huge success. The highlight of the breakfast was a fellow named Hebert (A Bear) and his wife who are from Louisiana that came over to make fresh homemade beignets (pronounced ben yea) for us. These are a cross between a donut and a fritter frequently made in Louisiana and particularly in New Orleans. they are made by deep frying dough and then covering them with powdered sugar but I am told that they equally delightful with honey. Ah yes, a diabetes doctor's nightmare!

We also had another delicious Cajun meal of gumbo made by our Chapter Leader Andy and his wife Jo and side dishes prepared by everyone else. It was another grand meal that was enjoyed by everyone. If it seems like all we do at this rally is eat, you'd be pretty accurate. It's just that Cajun food is soooo tasty and everyone seems to love it. 

It was another great rally in Louisiana and we can't wait for next year. Of course, that can be said about all of the South Central Region rallies.

So long.

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