Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday July 23, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

Another cool morning here and the weather forecast is for more rain that is much needed in Colorado. I went over pretty early and plugged in the big coffee pot at Pat and Lori's place next door, so that we could have plenty of coffee to drink this morning.

They will be leaving this morning to go back to Los Alamos for work. They have been doing this for a long time and I'm sure that Pat can make the drive in his sleep. I'm glad its him and not me...

Soon after they left I made my walk around the park and talked to a lot of folks. It is more than a mile around the park and there are many other walking areas, some of which I have taken. There is a trail that goes all the way into Creede, probably three miles, but I haven't done that one.

This place stays pretty full because of the long-term people that spend the entire summer here. We are scheduled to stay for three months, but I am already starting to feel the "hitch itch". I'm not saying I'm ready to leave, but it wouldn't take very much to get me going.

It rained all day, so we weren't able to get out to do much during the day. It has rained every day since we've been here, from a light shower to a pretty heavy rain like we had today. At least the wind didn't blow as bad as it usually does when the rains start!

I'm expecting my new wifi antenna in soon and I hope that will give me the ability to add photos so I can share some pictures with you. I hope it comes in tomorrow!

So long.

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