Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday July 4, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

Today is Independence Day. I hope everyone had a good day to spend with friends and family. Please don't forget those that served in the armed services and the sacrifices that they made.

We had a nice potluck meal today. The park furnished hot dogs with all the trimmings and we, the guests, furnished side dishes and desserts. The food was great but the food serving could have been better. The serving line ran very slowly and it took us about 20 minutes of standing in line to get our food. Could have been done better!

This is a lovely park in a beautiful setting. I can't think of a thing that I would change in the layout of the park and the landscaping, and I can assure you that you won't find a prettier place. It is in a valley with mountains surrounding and a river running behind it. Of course, the riverfront sites are all on the resort side and much more expensive than most of us can/will afford.

While I'm on the subject of this park, I've got to vent a bit. As I said, this is a lovely park but some of the "amenities" need some work. Although it is common for parks in Colorado to not furnish cable, there must be a way to at least give access to some local television stations, even if its from a dish sattelitte that guests can hook up to. Some way for us to get local news and weather. And the wifi "service", not thats another subject all together! Many people rely on the internet for both staying in touch with friends and relatives (like a blog!) but also for work and keeping an eye on their investments. They could do much better in furnishing wifi, especially at the prices that are charged.

What started this rant is that last night the power went out after a rainstorm and knocked out both the wifi and sattelitte, so when I got up this morning, I had nothing to occupy me. No television, no internet! What am I supposed to do, talk to Stella? Soon after the sun came up we got things figured out and were back in business but it was miserable for a couple of hours. At least its back on now.

So long.

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