Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday July 22, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

Good morning to all. First of all, I want to thank all those that left me "nudges" or messages on Facebook, reminding me that I have fallen behind again in posting here. The problem is that we've not been doing anything exciting or fun, if you take into consideration the great weather we are experiencing up here in Colorado. I wish you could be with us up here with cold mornings and upper 70's in the afternoon. We are out of the vacation mode and are very content to stay around the park and just hang out.

Then another thing that irritates me is the fact that we don't have good Internet here. It has become impossible for me to add photos and difficult to even do the mundane chores on the computer. I haven't been able to download videos or many attachments that have come to me in emails. I am irritated because this park advertises wifi in their "resort" and it is impossible to access. They tell me in the office to come up to use the DSL lines which are free to use, but they wouldn't like it very much if I brought my recliner and sat there in my underwear, surfing the web. No, I want what is advertised, decent wifi in my own trailer. Why don't I just use my own aircard you ask? Because it is worse than the wifi! I just got the 4G mifi card from Verizon, the latest and greatest available, but we are in a dead spot and good service is not available. Verizon is sending me an antenna that is supposed to improve the service, but I am doubtful. Sorry for another rant, but I am tired of paying for a service and then hearing lots of excuses for why it doesn't work.

Now on to current events. I was horrified to hear of the shootings in Aurora Colorado. My heart goes out to the families of those injured in this incident and to the family of the killer. We may never know what caused this young man to do what he did, but I am more worried about the resulting overreactions by lawmakers. We are living in changing times friends.

We are planning to take some day trips to see some of the beautiful mountains in the area. I wish I could share them with you, but we've already gone over all that. If and when things improve, I'll put up a lot of pictures to show you.

Until then,

So long.

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