Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday July 28, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

The day started with 50 degree temperatures, about normal for this area apparently. I slept in this morning and for the first time in a long time, watched my car shows on TV. Pat and Lori went fishing in the Rio Grande reservoir, so we just hung around the house this morning. It rained a couple of times in the morning and this turned out to be the weather pattern for the entire day.

We along with Darwyn and Becky had gone down to the rally hall on Thursday to buy some Amish pies. There is an Amish family that lives in South Fork that brings baked goods here every Thursday, so we braved the crowd and bought an assortment of pies. Pat and Lori had asked for an apple pie, so we had that, coconut cream, chocolate and peach to choose from, and had made plans for the six of us to get together this afternoon at Darwyn and Becky's place, but before we could go over, they called to tell us that their Jack Russell terrier Jake was sick and they had to find a vet to take him to. A couple of days ago he had gotten into some rat poison that the park had put out, but they thought that they had caught it early enough to prevent any problems, but this was very serious. 

The four of us got together at Pat and Lori's and had a salad and some pizza that Stella made. We had a good meal and watched some TV while eating. We had a nice visit with them and soon went home to eat our pie, since no one was very hungry after supper.

It rained off and on all afternoon, sometimes very heavily but amazingly there was little water standing. I guess it is because the ground is very sandy and rocky, but its still pretty amazing because it has rained just about every day. Let me tell you, when there are thunderstorms in the mountains, it is LOUD!! Cassie doesn't like thunder anyway, but she really freaks out when it storms here. At least the rain keeps the trailer washed off and there is no dust. Gotta look on the bright side...

So long.

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