Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday July 14, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

This is a picture of Stella making pancakes for us to eat breakfast at Pat and Lori's place last week. I had planned to add more photos but the computer and the Internet still won't cooperate, so it will have to be done later.

Since my last post, we haven't done very much. We did meet a new couple, Darwyn and Becky, at the park breakfast yesterday. We went over to their place in the afternoon and they cooked out. They are renting one of the high dollar sites fronting the river and it includes a very nice outdoor kitchen and dining area under umbrrellas. We had a very nice meal with them and then played a game of chickenfoot. It was a very nice day.

The weather has been lousy most of this week, with cold temps in the morning and rain in the afternoon. Today it rained off and on all day and the temperature never got above 60 degrees. This week has seemed to be more like Texas winter weather with 50 degree days and high humidity levels. The kind of cold that just goes right through you. I noticed this morning when I checked the weather that we are expecting rain every day for the next week. Lets hope the weather guessers are wrong again.

Pat and Lori didn't get to come back down from Los Alamos this weekend. Pat had a large plumbing project that didn't get completed until today, which made it implossible to get down here. They will return on Wednesday. I guess we'll just have to find something to do around here.

So long.

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