Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday July 10, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

Another cool morning here, about 51 degrees. I had met the owner of a new Landmark San Antonio yesterday and had invited him over for coffee this morning, so we had made extra in case he showed up, but of course he didn't. Oh well, Stella and I drank much of it and I will use the rest this afternoon for iced coffee. I have grown to like that drink a lot. I add a shot of creamer and some ice and it makes a nice afternoon drink.

We drove over to Alamosa today to have a check engine light checked out on the truck. It came on while we were on the way over here from Pueblo when we were going up a long hill. Alamosa has the nearest Dodge dealership in the area, so we drove the 60 miles over here and found out that it was a Turbo Underpressure alarm but the tech and the service manager didn't think it was anything to worry about, so they cleared the code and told me to watch it. If it alarms again, I will bring it back in and have it checked further.

We went to Wal Mart and spent a lot of money there, but it was necessary! We haven't spent much, really since we left Texas and many of the items that we bought won't have to be replaced for several months. Things like vitamins, minerals etc. that we won't have to buy for a long time. We made the very pretty drive back over here to the park. After putting everything away, we decided to sit outside for awhile and read in our Kindles.

We were soon hungry, so I got out the Weber grill and Stella was soon cooking us some hot dogs. I came inside for a few minutes and was surprised to hear raindrops hitting the roof. I ran back out and helped her bring things inside and luckily she had finished our "dogs" before it began to rain in earnest! Wow, how lucky was that! It rained hard for ten or fifteen minutes and then, before we knew it, the sun was back out and it was a very nice afternoon. I went for a walk around the park before we turned in for the evening. Another nice day in the mountains!

So long.

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