Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday July 15, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

I can't get over the temperatures here in Creede. It was another morning of 47 degree temps, which is MUCH better than those at home in Texas. It rained a couple of times today which kept temps down during the day. It reached a high of 75 today but I'm not complaining! This is the reason that we're here.

We went to the non-denominational church services this morning. It was nice to see so many people come out on a cool morning. We came on back home and had a late breakfast and were just sitting around watching some television when our neighbors, Bill and Mary came over to invite us to eat lunch with them. We told them that we had just finished breakfast but would come over and visit. I took some of Stella's "fire crackers" over to snack on while the grilling was being done and they were a major hit! Everyone loved them and asked for the recipe.

While we were sitting outside, we saw a group of ATV'ers coming into the park. One of them hit the entry gate and broke it off when they tried to get in. The gate is a new item this year and has taken a lot of getting used to. It is especially fun to watch the 4 wheelers when they come in because they always try to get under the gate and frequently get hit or have a near miss. The gate is a simple 1 X 4 board that is painted white with a strip of reflective material and is easily replaced. Bill told me that this was the second gate to be replaced in the last two days. The other break occurred when the gate went down on a motorhome that hadn't cleared the gate when it went down.

Our new friends Darwyn and Becky later called us and invited us to supper at their place on the resort side. We went over and had some roast and potatoes with them and had a very nice visit with them and their little Jack
Russell terrier Jake. He reminds us a lot of Tramp, but is much more settled down than Tramp. Of course, he is 11 years old and Tramp is less than 3.

We went over to one of the meeting rooms, the Elk Lodge, where the church services were held, to play a game of mexican train. We had a great time playing the game with our friends and played until about 9:30. The dogs were all glad to see us get back home.  It was another good day here with our friends and we will be sad to see them leave later in the week. We are trying to coordinate our plans to see them again in the future.

So long.

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Tommy said...

Well we had another great 97 degree day here again in Rayford Crossing. About 3am I let Tess and Lexi out and when I came back in to the RV you would thinkI had be running a marathon. The humidity is great... for keeping you inside so you can breathe.
Around 8am I let Tess out for bathroom needs..... She just turned around and came back in.
We really wish you guys were here to enjoy the weather.
Today I'm going to sit in the RV and wait for Susan to get home and watch NCIS re-runs for the 25 time.
You guys are welcome to return home anytime now....
Please hurry, we are starting to miss you sorta....

T and S