Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday May 20- 2013-site 411 to site 732-Elkhart Campground

I went out the first thing this morning and grabbed a bunch of Munzees, catapulting me to #10 out of 16 on my friends list. I just ordered some Munzees to deploy, so I'll soon be on a streak! This game is truly addicting!

When I got  back home and had some breakfast, we decided to change sites today. We knew we were back in the rally section but I had spoken to Gita and she said we could stay back here. That was before we decided to have a Pre pre rally before the Goshen rally and would be expecting a huge number of Heartlanders in for this gala event. Well at least 5 will show up, I hope. TxBobcat came in over the weekend and they put him up in a new site up front that is reserved for weekly or monthly renters, so we decided to join him and wait for others to join us. Besides that, the grass was getting really high under the trailer and I didn't want any bugs living in the underbelly. We had hoped to wait until the baby birds were big enough to fly, but one egg had not even hatched and two of the babies were missing and feared dead. The only one remaining isn't looking too good, so we decided to move. We had hopes that the Momma bird would follow us to our new location.

The move wasn't bad, but we had set up for a long stay and now all that stuff that I had set out in cool weather, and just after a rain, so the ground was very soft so stakes to hold the outdoor rug down were easy to sink into the ground were very easy to do. Even our sign out front to tell everyone where we were parked was now a bear to stick into the ground. It's supposed to rain for the next couple of days, so it will be easy to do then.

Long story short, we got 'er dun! It was much more exhausting to move within the park than to go to another city. Mostly because it was a spur of the moment move and we made no preparation, but it's done now. Then, just after we finished up and were relaxing under the air conditioner, the power went out. I waited about ten minutes to give it a chance to reset itself, but nothing happened so I walked across to the office to report the problem. Just as I got to the office, Stella called to tell me that power had come back on, but it went off again and almost instantaneously went off again. I told Bob the owner about the power pedestal problem and he said he would come over and check it out soon. By the time I got back home, power had come back and stayed on. We never did figure out what the problem was but it had to be a low voltage problem that caused the surge protector to do its job and cut power because of low voltage to protect the appliances and air conditioners.

I came inside and laid down on the floor under the ceiling fan to cool off and almost went to sleep on the floor. U dozed for a little bit but woke to a major pain in my left shoulder and arm and feeling a bit nauseous. It scared me so I got up off the floor and immediately the pain and sick feeling went away. I guess I was just laying on my left side in an awkward position and just got too hot because I was soon feeling back to normal. I messaged Kim to ask her about what had happened and even though she's a nurse, just like a doctor, she told me to take aspirin and call her in the morning. At least she didn't charge me for an office visit or a consultation fee.

Tonight we were horrified to see the damage in Oklahoma. I called Larry Keever, the Oklahoma Chapter Leader and found out that they are fine. I called a few other Oklahoma members but could not get in touch with one couple that live in Moore OK, right in the path of the storm. I will be praying for them and all the other folks that are affected by the storms. May God bless them all.

So long.

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