Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday May 22, 2013-Elkhart Campground

Yesterday was a very slow day around here because we both slept late due to the exhausting move across the campground. TxBobcat, our next door neighbor, invited us over to eat some corn on the cob that he cooked on the grill along with some guacamole that Ms. Pat had made using a Paula Deen recipe. Both of them were very good and Stella furnished some sausage. We also furnished some beer and both Stella and Pat had wine. It was a nice afternoon and I later brought Tramp over to play with their dog Trevor. 

It has been raining off and on for the last couple of days, especially at night and it sure makes good sleeping! I slept in until almost 7AM this morning but that Stella, well SHE slept until 9:30! It rained a couple of times this morning and the wind picked up during the rains, but at least we didn't have tornadoes. I still feel so bad for the people of Moore Oklahoma who lost everything. There are two couples in the OK chapter that live in Moore but I have only met one of them, the Wrights. The others, the Molsbees, lost not only their home but their Bighorn trailer too. They lost another house in 1999 to another tornado. I spoke with Orville and he said that they had gone into their underground shelter and although they heard the storm go by a couple of blocks away from them, they suffered no damage except debris in his yard. Lucky!

Orville and I had a discussion of tornado damage that we have seen. Mother Nature can do amazing things! He told of a stop sign that was undamaged but had a large guardrail that had become wrapped around it. I told him of a 2 X 6 board that went all the way through a palm tree that I had seen after hurricane Carla in Galveston. Amazing! And just the other day, Stella and I were driving out in the Amish countryside when a small "dirt devil" blew across a field and hit the truck. Even though it was a tiny little whirlwind, it pushed the truck over. Imagine one of those that is over a mile wide like the one in Oklahoma.

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