Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday May 11, 2013-Elkhart Campground

Thursday morning, I met with Jim for coffee outside and to wait on a visitor that would help me make a decision about buying  a new hitch. When he arrived, he referred me to another man, Dale Fenton, the inventor and designer for the Trail Air hitch that I have already. Dale told me that he will be doing some testing on the new hitch and gave me his number to call him before I make my decision next month.

Jim and I later rode over to the Heartland factory where he showed me where the door prizes are being stored and asked me to inventory these and separate them next week. He said that there may be other gifts arriving soon which will have to be added to the inventory. That will give us something to do next week.

Friday morning, Jim and Nancy pulled out, leaving us alone again... It's going to get lonesome back here all by ourselves. We later ran some errands and while at the factory, where I showed Stella where the storage office was, we ran into our neighbor Dave, who had his trailer in a shop after the rally. He was on his way back to the park to stay overnight and will go home tomorrow. When he got here, he said he had a major problem with his new hitch but Sonny had come by and picked it up and was working on it. Sure enough, he showed up a little after 6 and they reinstalled the hitch with some new parts. I will be very interested in how it works because it is exactly the same hitch that I am interested in.

This morning Dave pulled out with his brand new hitch installed. He pulled out with no problems and after a couple of hours, he called to tell me that the hitch performed exactly as he wanted, so maybe I'll have a new hitch soon.

The weather has turned bad, with cold temperatures and rain all day long. Stella washed our laundry and we stayed home all day. It was a good day to stay inside where it is warm and dry. The weather forecast is for warmer temps early next week. Hope they're right!

So long.

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