Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday May 28, 2013-Elkhart Campground

We woke to more cloudy and rainy-looking weather this morning so we decided to put off any activities until this afternoon to see what it was going to do. It had rained off and on all day yesterday which kept us at home all day. It's nice to be able to stay home when it rains.

We went out to see our friends George and Marilyn, in their new Bighorn trailer, as they pulled out to leave. They are from Montana and have decided to head up east from here, perhaps the east coast but more likely Niagara Falls and then decide how much further they want to go. 

Later in the morning I got a call from Andy and Joanna, who had come up here to pick up their new Big Country trailer from the local dealer. They have taken delivery and are staying at the dealership for a couple of days to "shake it down" and want to take a factory tour. I called the factory and set up the tour for this afternoon. Since I had to go over to the dealership, I offered to take them to the factory for their tour since they may not have been as familiar with the area. They had a very nice time at the tour and learned a lot about the construction of their trailer. 

After dropping them off at RV Capitol, I returned home and Stella fixed some great hamburgers for supper tonight. It had stormed earlier this afternoon and continued to shower into the evening. About 11 last night a storm blew through that Stella said sounded like a tornado. The rain beating on the roof woke me up and I learned that the power had gone off for a few minutes, but since we didn't hear any commotion or sirens, we settled back down for the rest of the night.

I was asked about the birds that were growing in a nest on the ladder on the back of our trailer. Unfortunately the birds didn't make it. One of the eggs never opened and three of the birds that were born didn't survive. We found one of the dead babies after we moved that the Momma bird had removed from the nest. I don't know what happened to the other two but only one bird was still alive when we changed sites. This little bird did not survive that day. I don't know why the birds didn't make it but am sad to have to report this. 

So long.

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