Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday May 16, 2013-Elkhart Campground

The weather is improving but it was still cold this morning, about 58 degrees, but it got hot later in the day. I got out pretty early this morning to go out munzeeing while it was still cool. I put in a couple of hours before my feet got tired and sweat was running into my eyes, so I came back home.

We went over to the Goshen Fairgrounds where the Holiday Rambler was starting to check out some vendors for our rally. We were disappointed to see that they only had about 25 vendors and nothing that we were interested in. 

Stella wanted to go to the Golden Corral for their all you can eat chicken wings tonight and since I still owed her for her Mothers Day meal, I took her over. It's not that far, about 10 miles but since we were in Goshen it took a long time to get there. We had a nice meal but ate more than we needed to, but at least she got what she wanted.

When we got home, we sat outside for awhile and I noticed the robin that had her babies flitting around. I walked over to check on her and the babies and discovered that two of them have hatched.

She built her nest on the rear ladder, between my Little Giant stepladder and the built-in ladder on the back of the trailer.

Two little bitty newborn robins. I don't mean to rush them but I need to use my ladder soon, so I hope they start growing feathers soon so they can get out on their own. I NEED MY LADDER BACK!

So long.

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