Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesday May 8, 2013-Elkhart Campground

Our friends began arriving on Tuesday for the Indiana Chapter rally.  

 The first five trailer have arrived and the fun began!

Dan did a good job of preparing hot dogs for us to eat. 

We had campfires every night and everyone enjoyed them. The weather cooperated for us and we had cool temperatures, perfect for campfires. This one was taken after several more rigs arrived.

A beautiful campfire! This is what a rally is all about in my opinion.

Almost everyone had arrived by Friday, and we went on a tour of the local Heartland dealer, RV Capitol Wholesalers. The dealership agreed to sponsor our rally and fed us a nice lunch of Subway sandwiches. We all enjoyed the visit and lunch.

We came back home and rested up before going on a factory tour, led by Rob Reid, owner of RV Capitol, Tim Hoffman and Bryan Walczak from Heartland. I always enjoy these tours and we will do another one at the national rally and I'll take some photos then.

Saturday we (mostly the guys) went to Mobile Outfitters to see some of the new items that they have for sale. Most of these will be offered at the rally also at special prices.

Just so you won't think we haven't eaten at the rally, we ate some pretty good Mexican food at El Maguey on Friday night, several went to Ryan's for breakfast on Saturday morning and we had our usual potluck on Saturday night.

Sunday morning, Jim, Nick (new member) and I made a potluck breakfast for everyone. Nick fried up some donuts and Jim made pancakes. I only made the coffee, but helped out where I could. Everyone enjoyed the send-off breakfast and we had some last visiting time before several folks had to pull out.

Monday, more rigs pulled out, some to take their trailer for service and the rest to return home and by Tuesday morning we were down to four trailers left. This was also the first day for the Shipshewana flea market for this summer, so we all went over to shop. I think everyone bought something, but we took a lunch break at the Auction House Restaurant. Good old fashioned food and served by Amish women.

Now the rally is over and everyone but us and Jim and Nancy are gone. I think they are staying until the weekend but we will be here until the big rally in June. This way, we won't spend much money on fuel- which is rising in price of course- and maybe we can slim down some before the marathon of eating at Goshen. It has been a fun time and best of all, we had a volunteer to take over the Indiana chapter. Congratulations to Hoyt and Mary!

So long.


2psnapod1 said...

Awesome! So glad to hear you got someone to take over the helm on the Indiana Chapter!

2psnapod1 said...

Awesome! So glad to hear you found someone to take over the helm of the Indiana Chapter!