Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday July 5, 2013-Heartland Resort

At least the weather has been cooperating the last few days. Although there has been a pretty good chance of rain, it hasn't rained in three days and has been cool during the days. I took advantage of the cool 77* temps to do something I haven't done in years, cut the grass! When we checked in, we were told that the grass might need cutting but I didn't really give it much thought. I've never heard of this policy at any other parks where we've stayed, and I really thought it was a joke, but the longer we stayed, the more people I've seen cutting their grass. I can't really call it a lawn because there isn't nearly enough grass in this site and for only $14 per day rent here, I can take 15 minutes out of my busy day to cut it. My neighbor had the mower out cutting his grass, so when Tramp and I came back from our walk, I went out and got 'er done! Stella came out to supervise and picked up the TV cable and flipped the rug back so I could mow under them and that helped. 

I apparently wore Tramp out while taking him for a long walk around the park because he slept soundly for the rest of the day. I have to admit that I napped right alongside him but I did get up occasionally. At least our site looks good!

So long.

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