Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday July 24, 2013-Moving Day-Heartland Resort to Addison Oaks county park, Leonard MI

Today was our traveling day from the Heartland Resort to Addison Oaks county park in Leonard Michigan. Our friends Ted and Donna have been here visiting their daughters and families for a couple of weeks and we wanted to drop by and spend a few days with them.

What a travel day it turned out to be!!!

This is our site. Notice the beautiful blue skies and the forest behind us? This is a nice park but in my opinion, still a bit overpriced for what you get. 50 amp electric service and water but no sewer hookup. They do furnish a free pump out service but only one day a week, Wednesday when you stay for a week or more. The rates are comparable to a full hookup site, private park. Off my soapbox now.

We are parked right next to Ted and Donna and right at the entrance to this loop of sites. It remains to be seen how much traffic we experience this weekend.

Sadly, these trees are likely dying from the bore-ash beetle. There many restrictions on the transporting firewood but they sell approved firewood everywhere. 

Now, back to our trip up here. We left the Heartland resort a little after 9 AM and made great time, staying on the freeway all the way. The problem cme fter we got off the Interstate to go down to the park. When we were less than 10 miles from the park, we're driving down a nice, paved road when I see a small sign that says Rochester detour-turn right. I knew that Rochester is the road that we needed to be on to get to the park, so I follow the detour signs. We went about four or five miles until we get into the small town of Leonard when I see a sign that the detour ended. I went to the next street and turned right, which my GPS was telling me to do. I followed the road for a mile or so and noticed a large truck ahead of me. Thinking he was taking the same detour we were, I continued follow him for a few more blocks until he just stopped in the road. I then realized that this was the construction area and the truck we were following was a large dump truck that was waiting to drop a load of road materials. I got out and walked up to the driver for directions. He told me of a route to take as soon as the road was clear. After a short wait, we were able to get through but we were on a rapidly deteriorating dirt road. Unknown to us, it had rained heavily yesterday, so the road was muddy and slippery. It was very rough and filled with potholes. Not only that, but every time I went around a curve or over the top of a hill, I didn't know if I would run into a dead end and have to back this 39' trailer no telling how far before finding a place to turn around.

Luckily, I soon met some traffic that included a man just coming home from work. He said that the road construction guys had the entire neighborhood riled up. He said that they had cut the road about two and a half feet lower than the end of his driveway and he hadn't been able to go to work for a day and a half. At any rate, he gave us directions on how to get back on the road to the park and approximately fifteen minutes later we were pulling into the park. We had only gone about five miles out of the way, but I was exhausted! 

Luckily for us Ted and Donna had fixed supper for us, so after doing our set-up, we were able to relax and have a nice meal. Their daughters and their families were also there, so it was a fun time with the three grandkids and seven adults but they pulled it off. 

When supper was over, we gathered around the firepit to enjoy the first campfire in awhile. It was very nice, in fact before the night was over all of us had put on either a jacket or sweats, it was that cool!
It was a chilly 57 this morning! Glad to be back in cool night country.

So long.

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