Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday July 22, 2013-Heartland Resort

Not too much going around here but at least the hot weather is gone at least temporarily. I guess it will be permanently for us because we leave here on Wednesday for Michigan. It should be cooler there (fingers crossed).

I recently discovered a small cemetery on the grounds here. It is surrounded by a pretty white picket fence and is well taken care of and when I went closer to look at the stones, I found that they are from the 1800's and unreadable. The stones have been painted and the inscriptions are impossible to read. I was able to see one year of 1830 something and another that said 1850 something but no names were visible. I stopped at the office this morning but the work campers on duty didn't know anything other than it is a family plot from the original settlers that lived here. It is believed that this was a dairy farm at one time and that this was the family cemetery for them. I had noticed another smaller stone monument with three first names with the years 2000, 2001 and 2003. This is for two long-time work campers and one man that stayed here for many years. They didn't know any more about them, but did tell me of another monument to John's son. I assume John is the owner. The very small stone is at the base of a pear tree and had a small picture of the man, but no name was attached.

We went to eat at the Ponderosa with Mack and Mattigene and their grandson Hunter. We had a great meal that Mack insisted on paying for and a very nice visit before they headed back home. This will be our last time with them this trip because tomorrow will be spent getting things ready to leave on Wednesday. We've had a great time with our good friends and will return here another time.

So long.

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