Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday July 6, 2013-Heartland Resort

Another laid-back, rainy day here in Greenfield, just the kind we like.  It rained much of the night but tapered off after daylight. We had made arrangements to go over to Mack's house to go to some farmer's markets in Carmel. We made the short drive into downtown and found a rather small market space set up near where the festival was found just a few days ago. It didn't take long to go through the displays and since it hadn't taken much time, we decided to go to Fishers, another nearby community. There were even less shops there and we didn't find anything we wanted to buy there either. We soon left for the last one in Noblesville. This was the best one and we bought a few small items to take back with us. 

Mack then drove us down US 31 to show the progress of some highway work that has been underway. The state of Indiana has been buying up properties alongside the road to widen it and to build bypasses around the cities. In a couple more years, we will be able to drive through Indianapolis to South Bend without stopping for a red light. That will be great, and should take some time off the drive too. Now I can't wait for the next rally in 2015 in Goshen IN.

We returned to Mack's house where he grilled some burgers and brats for lunch.  Of course, about halfway through our meal on the deck, it started to rain again. Not a heavy rain but a light mist that would have soaked us soon, so we moved everything inside and finished our meal. Before we knew it, it was time to come back home and take care of the doggies. 

Tramp is making some good progress in obeying. He has been practicing heel and sit and doing very well. I have also been teaching him to "talk" to sirens. He started this while we were staying at the Elkhart campground. There is an ambulance company office next door, and every time he heard the siren he would howl or "talk" to the ambulance. He still does it and this evening there was a golf cart parade, complete with two carts with sirens aboard. Tramp is funny when he holds his head back to talk to them and he seems as if he is really communicating with them. I'll keep working with him and keep you posted.

So long.

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