Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday July 28, 2013-Addison Oaks county park

We have enjoyed our visit with our good friends Ted and Donna. I still think that this park is over priced but we still enjoyed our time with them. Their two daughters and their families spent  lot of time with us and it was fun to watch the difference between their young grandkids and our two older ones. 

We all went to a barbecue restaurant over in Romeo the other night. It wasn't Texas "cue" but it wasn't too bad. We had  good time with daughter Kelly, her husband Pat and their daughter and her boyfriend. 

Yesterday we went to Troy to a Mexican restaurant that we had found the last time we were here but sadly, the food wasn't nearly as good and they kept beating drums and singing for patron's birthdays. After the third one, it became annoying because it was so loud. I think that even if it had been one of our birthdays, we would still have disliked the noise. We came back home expecting to have another campfire but it began to rain and we cancelled it and played  game of Shanghai. It was a fun game and of course, I didn't win. Donna did, but then she was keeping score. Do you ever wonder how it is that the scorekeeper most always wins?

This morning, Ted and Donna pulled out. It had rained all night and was cold this morning, 53 degrees! We braved the chilly weather and saw them off, but then it started to rain again and we stayed inside around the fireplace. I don't know how we ever made it before having an electric fireplace and how hesitant I was about getting one. Now I wouldn't be without it.

Ted called when they arrived in Zanesville Ohio, where they had stopped overnight. He said that he met a couple of guys at a rest stop and struck up conversation with them. They were heading to Niagara Falls and were going to Wolfie's Resort, where Ted and Donna were going. The ironic thing is that they had spent a couple of days at the Heartland Resort, where we had left to come up here! It is indeed a small world!

So long.

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