Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday July 8, 2013-Heartland Resort

We had a nice quiet Sunday around the Coffman Casa. I got caught up on some of my computer work. At least it's not raining again. The weather is nice and cool here, so I took advantage of it and went back over to Indianapolis where Mack and I went the other day and finished up getting some Munzees that I had started. There were only about 9 left, but I had to skip a couple of them. When I was there with Mack, we found some Munzees that were on one of the large bridges over the White river. They were on light poles over the water. I got three and Mack got a couple more that I couldn't reach. His being tall helped me out! Anyway, Mack and I talked about them and Stella made the comment that she was surprised that I hadn't dropped my phone in the river. Today when I returned I found two more that were over the water and all I could think of was what Stella had said about me losing my phone. When I went to get the first 
one, I gripped the phone so hard I'm surprised that it still works. My hands were sweaty and I couldn't get her prediction out of my mind so I gave up. It was only two little Munzees, 10 points! It's not like I was afraid, but I knew that if I did drop that phone I would NEVER hear the end of it! 

 The next ones I found was about two miles away and on and near the Indianapolis Speedway Museum and race track. It was pretty cool to capture and deploy Munzees here. At least I walked a couple of miles.

One of the residents here has a couple of radio controlled boats that I've seen him running around on one of the ponds. He was out tonight, running them around and I got a couple of shots of it.

 It throws up a rooster tail just like a big boat.

And let me tell you, that thing will scoot!

He was putting his boats away before I had a chance to talk to him about them but I'll keep an eye open for the next time he's out and go talk to him. I don't think Stella will let me get another hobby. She thinks I Munzee too much as it is.

So long.

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