Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday July 14, 2013-Heartland Resort

This has been a nice week of Munzeeing, relaxing and visiting with Mack and Mattiegene. On Monday, Stella and I went to Indy to capture some Munzees and it took most of the afternoon to get it done! We enjoyed going out and I got a lot of good exercise, so its a good thing!

Tuesday was a day of rest but we did get a few chores done around here. Stella washed our clothes and I cleaned up the truck, removing the mud and grease on it. 

Wednesday we finished up the Munzees around the rest stop east of Indianapolis. Just as I got finished, it started to rain, so we came back home in the rain. It rained all night long and continued into Thursday, so we just stayed around here. I have been taking Tramp for some long walks around the park and training his to commands to come, heel and sit. He is making progress but still has some relapses. 

Friday, Stella fixed some sausage gumbo that we took over to Mack and Mattie's house in the afternoon. We sat outside on their back yard deck and enjoyed the cool temps and later ate the gumbo, which was delicious and visited with our friends. 

Saturday was a nice day again and we took care of chores around here. We went to the grocery store (Wal Mart & Marsh grocery) and came back home. I talked to Mack and we made arrangements to go over to their house in the morning to go eat breakfast. We had several restaurants to choose from and will decide where we will go in the morning.

Sunday morning we went over and decided to go to The Original Pancake House for breakfast this morning. They serve the biggest omelets and a HUGE apple-cinnamon pancake. I had an Irish omelet with 4 eggs, cheese, potatoes and onions, and corned beef hash and it was delish! I only ate half of it and brought the rest home for tomorrow. Mack had the pancake and it covered the entire dish and stood about 3-4 inches high. He took about half of his home too, so at least we took care of food for tomorrow.

Mack took us to the Hoosier Village Retirement Center where he worked for 21 years after retiring from the fire department. He showed us several buildings that he helped to plan and build while he worked there. There are apartments, assisted living and medical assistance living. This place is huge and I have a new respect for Mack and his accomplishments. To add this, he showed us a house that he and his sons built by hand. Wow, what a life he has had!

We came back to their house and chatted a bit more before we had to come home to care for our doggies. They were glad to see us, as always and it's always good to get back home.

So long.

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RiverCat said...

Hey thanks for reminding me about Roadside America! Someone told me about it awhile back and I forgot about it. Looking at the map I see about a dozen sites near Cedar City Utah where I'm heading next...