Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monday June 15, 2014-Moving day-Madison/Pittsburgh KOA to Elkhart Campground

We were glad to get out of the dump of a KOA and actually pulled out at about 8:30AM. In about five minutes we were back on the toll road and didn't get off it all day. For a drive of almost 400 miles, it was an easy/peasy drive. The toll road is pretty smooth with plenty of Service Plazas (rest stops) that are easy off and easy back on. We made two stops and I found Munzee both times but two were way too high (on large signs) and only made a few points but got some walks in and felt pretty good after. 

We pulled into the Elkhart Campground about 4:30 and were glad to see our friend and park owner Gita. This is one of our favorite RV parks and we are always treated well here. We are in the site that Jim B was in last your for the Indiana chapter rally. Full hookups and another great view of the sky and this time I even called Dish network and got local television stations. It's a good thing too because there is threatening weather. 

We decided to stay here for an extra night to rest up and to get our clothes washed. The only time we left was to help an older man out. He had bought an older trailer that was set up here and now he wanted to get it moved to his grandson's house so he can sell it. I  agreed to move it for him and it was easy. I had forgotten how slow the old electric jacks are and how much trouble the adjustable legs are, but it helped the old fella out and I felt good about it. We stopped and bought some fuel for the long drive tomorrow, so we'll be on the road again.

So long.


Tommy said...

Wish we were traveling with you guys. We miss ya and I was just telling Susan yesterday we almost miss Stella too.. heheeehheheehhee

Anonymous said...

Jay, it was very nice of you to help the man who needed to have his trailer moved. Actually another kudo for the Heartland family. Way to go!!! Orville

Kimberly Brown said...

We miss y'all bunches. Really wish we could have been with y'all on Father's day. Glad y'all are having such a good time and can't wait until y'all get back where we can see y'all more often!!!