Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday June 25, 2014-Moving Day-Rock Island KOA to Poncho's Pond RV Park, Ludington MI

We had little "stuff" out this morning, so I waited until 7:45 to even go outside to start packing to leave and we still made it out a few minutes before 9. I am very proud of us.

We stopped at a truck stop to fill the big tank on the truck. While there, as  I went to capture a Munzee, my friend John happened to call, so I answered his call and blew of the Munzees. See, my life doesn't revolve around Munzees!

We only made one more rest stop and actually made good time today, but it was still a long way- 389 miles. It made for an extra long day because this part of Michigan is on Eastern time. We both thought that when we left Virginia, we would be back on Central time for the rest of the summer, but noooooo, we're back! We were stiff and tired when we got here, but had everything set up in a short time. 

Gerry A. the chapter leader, came down to invite us to a campfire at his site. You say a campfire? In this weather? It had been chilly all day coming in and it was down into the 50's tonight. I noticed that it was foggy along the highway and when we made our last stop, the temperature showed 62! Wow, that's a 20 degree drop from what we had in Rock Island. Not that cool but when you compare that to the 90+ degree temps at home, it's downright chilly! 

So long.

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