Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday June 22, 2014-Adventureland Campground, Altoona IA

The rally is over and everyone seemed to have a good time. David did very well with his first rally by himself and everything came together well. David and his Dad, also a Heartland owner, had parked their trailers awning to awning and then had set up an EZ-Up shelter so we had plenty of area under shelter in case of bad weather. It was a good thing because we had several showers that rumbled through.

 The club furnished donuts and coffee on Saturday morning. I used my big coffee maker and came over about 7 and turned the coffee on so it would be ready when the crowd arrived hungry. Almost everyone came over but a few slept in and we all had a good time visiting. 

After breakfast, several went visiting the area and David and his family  and another family with young children all went over to the Adventureland Amusement park for the afternoon. David and his family had bought season passes to the park and began taking advantage of it today. 

We had a potluck dinner in the evening and had plenty of delicious food. David and his wife and another couple went back over to the park and his parents kept the two younger children, Jason and Erin and their older son, James, stayed with me, sitting around the campfire ring. James was meticulously laying a fire for later in the evening. When everyone returned, we lit off the fire and soon had a nice fire going. James did a good job and it paid off. The kids made s'more's over the fire and I was glad I didn't have to get them to bed after all that chocolate!

Sunday morning we had the leftover donuts and coffee and only a few came over. Three trailers left this morning but the rest of us stayed to have some more fun. I went out to cap a few Munzees but got rained out. David and his crew went back to the park and some went exploring the area. Ray and Judi came over for coffee in the afternoon and we enjoyed our chats with them Ray is a very skilled woodworker and showed off his headboards with very realistic leaves. 

Everyone had such a good time and we are sorry to see it end but we started getting things put away. Stella and I went into town and went out to eat at a place called Monterrey's Mexican food. It was surprisingly good and we enjoyed it. It was almost like being back in Texas. 

So long.

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Tommy said...

ya'll have been gone so long from here you have forgotten there is only one place to get Mexican Food and Ribs.... TEXAS.