Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday June 4, 2014-Moving day-Dixie Caverns RV Park to Cherry Hills RV Park, College Park MD

We were up and at 'em this morning and did real well getting things packed up and actually pulled out at 9:01, when we had shot for 9 o'clock. Right on schedule! 

We had freeways and good highways all the way and made one stop  for lunch at a highway rest area just the other side of Harrisonburg VA. It was a good stop because there were several Munzees that I was able to cap and we all grabbed sandwiches and were soon on our way again. Traffic started building after getting on the beltway around Washington DC but we still made good time. Both Dave and I got to use our air horns at the crazy drivers up here but we made it okay. We got here to the Cherry Hills RV Park just before 2PM. That's when the wheels started falling off...

We had asked for a pull through site and had agreed to pay an extra $5 a day to get it. I asked specifically for one because I had been told that satellite reception would be better and I wanted that! We were told that no one had written it down when the reservation was made, so we had to take a back in site. Not bad, except that we were right up against the forest with very tall trees that block the satellites. We even changed spaces in hopes of better reception, but it was not to be. We went to a meeting about tours of Washington and using the public transportation, and while there, we were told to call the office to complain about the wifi or if our cable reception was fuzzy. When we got back home, I did call the office to report the wifi but was brushed off with a "we'll check it out" comment to get me off the phone. Then I went out and hooked up the cable but as I should have known, the reception was very fuzzy. I didn't bother to call back after being ignored on my first call. Incidentally, the wifi is still unavailable and I am on my own air card. We are paying a high price for this place and won't use most of their features (pool, hot tub, restaurant (way overpriced!), miniature golf and ice cream bar) but we do expect to be able to use the ones that we need. Very bad start to this trip. Off my soap box now.

We will be visiting DC tomorrow and I'll have some good photos.

So long.

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