Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thursday June 5, 2014-Cherry Hill Park, College Park MD

The weather messed up our plans today. We had originally planned to go to an all day tour of Washington D.C. but it rained yesterday afternoon and then all night and we cancelled this trip (for now). We did go to the Gray Line "DC at Night" tour, starting late in the evening.

This was the bus that picked us up, driven by a nice man named Ralph. He was a very experienced driver and knew a lot about Washington D.C. and the attractions. 

 Here is everyone in our seats, ready to go. Stella, Nancy and Dave, our traveling companions since we left Texas. 

 As many times as I've seen the Capitol building, I am still impressed with how huge the building is. I will have more photos of the building on another entry.

 This was our view of the White House. This is the south lawn, where the Easter egg hunt is held and other family activities. We didn't have time to walk to the other side of the building tonight. The Secret Service controls the access areas around the White House and our driver parked as close as he could.

 I zoomed my camera in for a better view of the White House. Don't worry, the Obamas were out of the country.

 The very impressive Washington Monument.

The Iwo Jima monument is another impressive monument. We have seen another monument in Harlingen a few years ago. 

 The Washington monument after dark.

 The Lincoln memorial after dark.

The Thomas Jefferson memorial. 

A statue of President Franklin Roosevelt at his memorial. His memorial has no steps

We were somewhat short of time tonight because a daytime trip ran over, so we were late in being picked up and didn't get to go to all of the nighttime sights found in DC. Even so, we ran into heavy traffic on the highway back to the park and didn't get back until after midnight. This, in turn, affected our plans for tomorrow's plans. Please come back to see what we did then.

So long.

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